‘’Space is the broadest context. Engaging with the stars means engaging in the infinite, from our distant past to the end of days. It means to passionately engage in the birth, life and death of souls and stars, of the material and energy of the world, and of the harmony between them. Thinking about space means thinking about the smallest, subatomic particles, to the largest – stars, clusters, galaxies, quasars; the entire universe.   As important, the continuity between the small and the big, between the near and far, which are not partitioned and made as one weave. Engaging with the stars means engaging in the mysterious and the infinitely distant, and in all those bodies and frequencies that we do not see and do not hear. And also to observe the very nearest which appear to the eye, as a stone or light.
Looking at the sky means looking at familiar phenomena like a sunset and strange phenomena like a black hole in a world that is too big and complex for words and numbers to quantify.’’
(Dror Burstein; 2018)

My work begins in my encounters with the actual, Echoing moments of reality, disconnecting from it, changing its internal structure and creating new systems of connections.
Through photographs and installations, I seek to express how occurrences in the world permeate and touch life.
    My image archive contains my analog photos and images that I collect from various sources, both personal and public. Using daily imagery alongside space and stars imagery, archeological items I produce, stones and objects;  this allows me to make connections between the personal and the public and to point out the range between the universal and the particular, between the metaphysical dimension and the physical one and this connection I aspire to.   
 Photography is the starting point. The desire for a physical experience of presence in space, like the desire for touch, is what drives me to move away from classical photography and look for other ways to use the medium.
Optics, chemistry, and mechanics fascinate me and sometimes manifest themselves in my work. Light, disruptions, lack of control and coincidence engage me in both practice and at the conceptual level. I’m inspired by nature as I move between rural and urban environments, and by human behaviors and mental conditions. 

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